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From Power Rangers to American Horror Stories, Nico Greetham is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.

From Power Rangers to American Horror Stories, Nico Greetham is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.

In lieu of the release of his latest episode of American Horror Story, the Virginia-born actor chats with us about his journey so far, what is next to come and his hidden acting habit. 

Whether it be taking centre stage in a coming-of-age blockbuster or sharing a short yet sinister stint on everyone’s favourite horror series, Nico Greetham has proved himself a force to be reckoned with in the world of performance. Since rising to fame for his role in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Nico’s acclaim has soared astronomically in 2022 — during which he claimed a spotlight for his appearance in Love, Victor and, as of last Wednesday, another chilling instalment of the infamous American Horror Storiesin the Bella Thorne-starring episode, Drive. 

Yet these accomplishments have by no means hindered Greetham’s candour — a quality of the Virginia-born actor that was potent from my very first conversation with him. Radiating light and positivity, Greetham has successfully built a career grounded in authenticism and morale — a true breath of fresh air in the star-studded atmosphere of Hollywood. 

And while Nico is far from done with flexing the multifaceted muscles of his craft, we took some time to catch up about all things creative, his experiences across his working titles, the legacy he hopes to leave and a secret acting habit. 

So to watch the trailer for his latest episode of American Horror Stories and for the full interview, head below now… 

From Power Rangers to American Horror Stories, Nico Greetham is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.

Nico! How are you? Where are we speaking to you from? 

Ella and all those at Rollacoaster, Hello! In fear of sounding pretentious, I am currently on the rooftop of Soho House West Hollywood enjoying the view with a cup of joe. 

Looking back at your year so far, do any particular highlights or lowlights spring to mind? 

First of all, can we believe it's August already… what is time? A highlight for me this year is definitely the birth of my nephew this past May! He’s the first baby in our family so it’s been a very exciting couple of months for us all. He’s scrumptious. 

Both of your parents are doctors, so what do you think sparked your affinity for acting? Would you consider yourself to have a more creative-leaning mind? 

I would consider myself the black sheep in my immediate family, as I am the only one who pursued the arts. Although ironically, my father's brother is a musician and he married a painter. On my mother’s side, her brother is also a painter and married a dancer! So the arts are flowing in our bloodline for sure. I popped out into this world as an infant knowing I wanted to act and perform. 

Talk to us about your early passions, we know you used to be a gymnast!

I did indeed do gymnastics. I loved it too. Until I cracked my head open on a springboard and my parents decided I should 'explore other physical activities (which is valid). I stumbled upon dance because my older sister, Gabby, was a dancer; having that gymnastics background really helped ease me into that. I also played travel soccer up until about 10th grade! Also Selena Gomez. She was definitely an early passion of mine. 

And what led to your transition into dancing? Do you find that your interests often coincide with each other? 

Gymnastics gave me a pretty solid facility to transition to dance. I’m naturally pretty flexible and having the body awareness for gymnastics paid off in dance. I’ll never forget though, my first dance class was tap and I was so afraid to enter the studio that my mom had to pick me up and pry me off the door hinges and throw me (figuratively but kind of literally) into the class. She said, “You told me you wanted to do this, so you’ll commit and see it through.” A lesson I think translates to many life experiences! 

When you Google your name you are instantly pegged as one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. Does that come with any pressures? 

That’s incredibly kind, thanks Google! (I paid them to say that). I do my best to not invest too much time in believing all that is out there on the inter-webs. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to it, though I typically just view it all as ’noise’. Whether it’s a kind review (much like this google search you're mentioning) or something a bit more unsparing, it could very well get in my head and possibly change how I view myself, or my performances, or my industry that I’m so passionate about. I believe keeping my head up and just committing to the work I’m doing and giving it my all is the best thing I can do for myself.

From Power Rangers to American Horror Stories, Nico Greetham is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.

Can you tell us about your first acting audition? 

Okay, I can’t tell if this was a fever nightmare or it really happened but I hope it’s the latter so I’m not lying to you. When I was around 12 I signed with an agency out in Maryland; looking back I’m pretty positive it was an agency for background acting but I thought I was on the first class train to stardom. I went to an audition for a movie and there was a bunch of boys my age and their parents running around. They were calling us in 5 at a time and we stood side by side in the casting office. They went down the line and had us improv whatever they called out and I was told to opera sing the ABC’s or something really bizarre. I remember getting cut right then and there and running to my mom’s car crying hysterically out of pure embarrassment and fear. She looked at me and said “oh boy, if you’re going to react like this every time you don’t get something this may not be the business for you.” Needless to say, I stopped crying. Now I don't typically cry every time my manager calls me to tell me “It’s a no.” Only occasionally ;) 

What do you tend to look for when you’re finding characters to play? Are there any particular characteristics you like to portray? 

I am very drawn to roles that have a depth to them and trauma that I am able to discover and unpack. I consider myself a very empathetic person, which gives me space to understand and explore all the different types of human behaviors. I’m looking forward to playing someone who does terrible, immoral things (a serial killer for example) and diving into that headspace and understanding why they act and react the way they do. Also, give me superpowers and I’ll be a happy camper. 

Tell us about your experience on Broadway for Disney’s musical, Newsies. 

My time in New York and on Broadway was truly one of the greatest times of my life. Looking back, I was so young and naive and didn’t know anything about anything (I know a wee bit more now) but I think that’s what made that experience so magical. I was kind of just at the mercy of the Universe gifting me these experiences and saying “Yes” to them, even if they terrified the living daylight out of me. I can’t believe I did 8 shows a week with that choreography and that vocal track. The folks on Broadway are all the real life superheroes; my hat tips to them. I would love to find my way back one day. 

You’ve also starred in Dramarama which is one of the most touching editions of the atypical come-of-age style film that I’ve seen in a long time! What was your experience like? Did you personally resonate with the tropes explored within the plot?

Yes yes and yes. Dramarama has the biggest place in my heart, I’m so happy you brought it up! We had the greatest time filming that, it was like summer camp for us; cast and crew. Spending long days/nights together, giggling, and making musical theater jokes and old noir film references — hello! This story is an important one to tell, shedding light on the fact that coming out should be taken at one’s personal pace. It reminds us to surround ourselves with people that love us unconditionally and to always be entirely ourselves.

Both Dinner In America and Into The Dark definitely take a different direction — what’s your favourite genre to tap into? When do you feel the most excited and challenged within your work?

As far as genres go, I’m drawn to any and all as long as I am passionate about the overall message that is being said. I get excited when the character is so far from what my reality is and I get to play in a space unlike anything in my day to day. I feel ignited when I can take a big sloppy bite into a role that teaches me something new: a new skill, a new way of thinking, a new perspective. 

From Power Rangers to American Horror Stories, Nico Greetham is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.
From Power Rangers to American Horror Stories, Nico Greetham is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.

And congratulations on the premiere of your next feature American Horror Stories! Let’s start with The Naughty List.What was your experience like with filming? 

Thank you! I’m excited, it should be fun! Naughty Listwas an absolute blast. The four of us ‘bros’ just being able to act so preposterously and idiotic all day on set was hilarious. I did a lot of research on the TikTok creators and YouTubers of today’s day, which was… enlightening to say the least. I’m at a loss for words to know some of the immoral actions that were in our series happened in real life, but it was exciting as an actor to find that realism and validation. RIP Zinn. 

What can you tell us about this episode for those who have not yet seen it? 

It’s very different, tonally, than the Bro House but a fun script nonetheless! I shan’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet, but there is a twist at the end indeed. Working with Bella Thorne was a blast, she has a heart of gold. I also love that crew with my entire being. 

Do you find it harder to work within horror? Or do you prefer it?

I truly believe that horror is one of those genres that is overlooked in regards to acting chops. Similarly to superhero films that are all shot against green screens, there is so much more ‘make-believe’ in these worlds. If the audience believes that someone is getting their fingers cut off in a torture chamber, or that Spider-Man is flying through Manhattan, then the actor did their job. Because spoiler, none of those things were remotely happening on the day! Horror always impresses me and it makes me flex different muscles as an actor. I am beyond grateful for Ryan Murphy Productions for giving me the opportunity to do so. 

You have worked with so many incredible actors, but would you dare tell us a favourite? 

Well… Nicole Kidman and Kerry Washington sang me happy birthday while Meryl Streep was in the background clapping on set once… 

What is next for you? Do you have any goals for the near future? 

My wonderful team and I have some things in the fire that are pretty exciting. Nothing I can speak on yet (lame, I know) but I am psyched for the near future. A goal of mine is to work somewhere overseas again. I just want to inundate myself with work and run away from my ’normal life’ for a bit. Nothing negative, simply because it sounds dreamy to me. 

How do you hope to be viewed or thought of as an actor? 

"Nico Greetham is hard working on set, a kind soul to each and every crew and cast member and is respected by the audience and his peers for his heart and his versatile acting chops. He has a range of projects that prove his depth and experience and can be trusted with anything." NOW THAT IS A HEADLINE!

And finally, what is one fact about you that people may not know that we wouldn’t be able to find on a press release or online? 

In every project up to date, maybe with the exception of two, I have done this “bite” thing that has completely been a choice (whether it’s a good one, that’s up for interpretation) but it’s been fun to fit it in with the different characters and moments. Sometimes more obvious than others, but if you can catch it, let me know. Thank you for chatting!

From Power Rangers to American Horror Stories, Nico Greetham is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.
From Power Rangers to American Horror Stories, Nico Greetham is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.
Photography by Maxwell Poth
Words and interview by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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