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Sam Valdez claims new music Friday as her own with the release of her new EP, “Crush” alongside a visualiser for featuring single, “Backseat”.

The violinist-turned-music-sensation unveils her new four-track effort in hand with a compelling visualiser. 

One full stream of Sam Valdez’s hotly dropped EP “Crush” is enough to confirm one vehement fact: this is no ordinary artist. With airy vocals that seem so allusive and angelic that they are barely tangible in reality, Valdez’s sound possesses a unique quality whereby it feels totally compelling while maintaining an element of mystery. 

As cutting lyrics blend into each other in “Unwind”, Valdez unravels her listener's consciousness — delivering a spellbinding narrative on the power of disconnection, returning to a state of simply being. Elsewhere, “Charlie” introduces another degree of intensity, where rock-tinged beats beckon a slightly more commanding tone from Valdez that instantly tunes us back into her groove. Ending the four-track EP with “Party”, the artist leaves us with an exemplary reflection of her signature blend: marrying elements of lo-fi with an indie influence. In her own words, Valdez explains, "The songwriting became a way to escape from the darker headspace I was in while writing it. I talk about friendship, sexuality, and thinking about life on other planets. It was a way to get out of my typical thoughts and expectations and fantasise.”

Completing the EP quartet is “Backseat” which, in time with the full EP’s release, came hand-in-hand with a retro-inspired visualiser. Capturing the artist through multiple lenses, the indisputable multiplicity of her talent is brought to the forefront, allowing fans to see her through every angle — something also achieved by the vulnerability detected throughout every song coined for her latest effort.

Reflecting on her personal memories and experiences, “Crush” is a kaleidoscopic effort that formulates the beating heart of Sam Valdez’s artistry: addictive, relatable and totally intoxicating. To tune in now, scroll below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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