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As a call-to-arms for radical self liberation, VYLANA unveils her debut solo album, Goddess Rise.

The artist unveils her five-track solo debut album alongside her tenacious focus track, “Into The Fire”. 

Vylana offers an inspiring invitation for all to reclaim and celebrate their full spectrum divine self by activating the inner Goddess. It bears a message to reject voices society entrains in our psyche and instead raise the collective into a mindset where self-love and acceptance are at the forefront.

This album is not just music, it is truth expressed through sound. It is vulnerable authenticity, invoked as an invitation to bravery.

Infused with melodic bars of ear-worming drum beats and lush vocals, VYLANA pioneers not only a new sound, but a movement that is Goddess Rise. Alongside her stellar team of producers, visionaries, and creators, Vylana's music lays foundation to an experimental soundscape that conjures emotions within her listeners, compelling them to find their own voice too.

In her own words, VYLANA explains, “I feel incredibly blessed to have found friendship, mentorship, and partnership with some of the greatest artists in the world today. With this album, I feel that I really found my own true artistic expression, and I am humbled to be the vessel for this transmission.”

Suitably opening with the track “Awaken The Goddess”, VYLANA breaks us into her universe with a mellow melody that quickly gives way to an awe-inspiring verse within which VYLANA invites us all into a session of deep introspection. Posing as a direct contrast, the album’s focus track, “Into The Fire” is packed with a tenacity and grit that practically burns upon the first listen. Featuring VYLANA’s unfiltered screams, she rejects the stringent structures placed on us by society, allowing the track’s teeth-gnashing production to dismantle the walls placed around her, allowing her angelic vocals to finally break through in a symphonic chorus. 

To stream “Into The Fire” and for the whole five-track album, head below… 

Photography by Kimberly Mufferi
Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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