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David Ben David covers Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/Summer 2022

In 2010 David Ben David was walking around New York City when he was struck by the mundanity of the black, utilitarian backpacks that everyone was wearing. They were boring - and David hated boring. Determined to “turn the mundane into the insane”, he launched his company Sprayground. 
His first backpack, the “Hello My Name is” bag, was an instant success, and before he knew it every celebrity, athlete, and musician, from Beyoncé to Snoop Dogg, was wearing one of his bags. Since then, Sprayground has released over 1000 different backpack designs, is distributed in over 30 countries, and has collaborated with the NBA, MARVEL, Star Wars and Formula 1, to name a few. 
We caught up with the designer to chat about the secret to longevity in the fashion scene, how to stay inspired, and his advice for young people who want to turn their art into a career.


Photographer: Vanessa Zican Feng
Stylist: Noah Diaz
Groomer Cuts By Ref      
Art Director: Milan MIladinov      
Producer: Morgane Millot
Digi tech: Tarishi Gupta 
On set Producer: Scarlett Li       
Photo Assistant: Boyang Hu  
Words: Octavia Akoulitchev


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