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Maisy Kay is not your average pop singer-songwriter. Her unique sound, merging synth-pop and R&B, is brought to the fore by her unique love and understanding of language. Her deeply personal, cathartic lyrics - coded diary-entries of real-life scenarios - stand out alone. But, as she tells Rollacoaster in this exclusive interview, learning Na’vi, the language in Avatar, as a child, prompted her desire to communicate in as many languages as she could, with people all over the world. Since then, she’s sung in Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and, most notably, Japanese (her first big break came with contributing lyrics and vocals to Japanese pop artist Anly’s 2017 smash hit single “Distance”, that peaked at #1 on Japan’s spotify viral charts.)

Having moved from a village in the English countryside with a population of 1,600, to LA at 14, and diving into working with icons like Billy Idol and Timbaland, this is an artist determined to relate to as many people, from as many backgrounds, as possible. Watch this space, we predict an international star on the rise. 

Rollacoaster caught up with Maisy to chat about her new single “Karma Is a Bitch Like You” and the real-life situation that inspired it, how TikTok influenced her upcoming release “Emotionally Unavailable”, and why the English countryside will always be home (hint: it’s hard to find a decent Sunday roast in LA). 

Words: Octavia Akoulitchev  
Photography: Olivia Richardson 
Styling: Anastasia Busch 
Make-up: Aimee Louise Twist at Creatives Agency
Hair: Lauren Bell at Creatives Agency 
Nails: Amy Thomas
Producer: Morgane Millot 
Styling assistant: Jade Butler

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