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Mergui covers Rollacoaster Magazine Autumn/ Winter 2022

“I feel like everything I’ve been through this year has led to releasing the EP. It talks about the last three years of my life and what I experienced and went through. It’s called ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’ because it was a chance for me to be very honest and open and talk about it all. I want to show the situations and emotions that I’ve never shared. The EP lays down a relationship I had from the beginning right until the end — every important stage within it.” 

Following the release of his brand new EP, “Dark Side of the Rainbow”, 22-year-old Mergui covers our Autumn/Winter 2022 issue, talking love, loss and how to (appropriately) stick up a middle finger to an ex. Pre-order the issue now! 
Photography by Gabriel Perez Silva 
Styling by Jungle Lin 
Words by Ella West
Makeup by Alex Levy
Hair by Bennett Grey
Production Director Ben Crank
Production Assistant Isabella Coleman

Special thanks to The Sanctuary Hotel  

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