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Shalom Brune-Franklin Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Spring/Summer 2023 Issue

“For me with Estella, I see the way she operates as,
‘If I don’t let anybody in, or let anybody know that
they have got to me, I will always have the upper
hand and power.’ She thinks that if she never reveals
her true feelings or vulnerabilities, no one can hurt
her. When, in reality, there’s so much inner turmoil
that is causing her a lot of pain. She is suffering in
pain, but she thinks that as long as no one sees it,
she’s winning. And I think a lot of people do operate
like that, it’s that mechanism that they use to cope
with those emotions. That’s the person I have tried
to create.”

Gracing our Spring/Summer 2023 issue in Chanel,
lead of BBC iPlayers’s Great Expectations Shalom
Brune-Franklin speaks with Ella West on becoming
Estella, sharing a screen with Olivia Coleman and the
importance of being true to yourself. 

Shalom Brune-Franklin wears Chanel

Photography by Guy Lowndes at One Represents
Fashion by Gregory Russill
Words by Ella West 
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Editor Ella West 
Styling Assistant Amy Jolly
Hair by Earl Simms at Caren Agency using Sam McKnight
Makeup by Ninni Nummela at Streeters using Chanel Beauty 
Nails by Christie Huseyin
Art Directors Harry Fitzgerald, Livia Vourlakidou, Mike Morton
Cover Design by Harry Fitzgerald
Production Director Ben Crank 
Producer Isabella Coleman
Production Intern Frankie Baumer
Photography Assistant Wilbert Lati 
Special Thanks to Tapestry London

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