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Lucas Bravo, who you probably know from Netflix’s Emily in Paris, sauntered onto our screens last year playing romantic lead Gabriel and became an overnight heart throb. 
Born in Nice, France in 1988, the actor started attending theatre and improv classes in his early teens. As far back as he can remember he always enjoyed making his family laugh and being the centre of attention, “that is, until you reach that age where you just want everyone to leave you alone” he laughs. His upcoming projects include Mrs Harris Goes To Paris, a modern adaptation of Paul Gallico’s novel recounting the story of a 1950s widow who falls in love with Dior couture, and he’s just wrapped filming in Italy on a Dean Craig directed romcom. He’s also about to star alongside George Clooney and Julia Roberts in their upcoming comedy Ticket to Paradise. With a surname like Bravo it feels apt that Hollywood is constantly calling.

Speaking with Bravo, it soon becomes clear that he's an all-or-nothing hopeless romantic, loves the slow-burn seminal French ‘60s flick La Piscine and can cook, much like his fictional counterpart Gabriel. Whilst doing some digging on Bravo, zero salacious gossip was to be found, in fact there’s an article about how lovely he was in high school and how as a teen he was the local heart-throb of Paris’ chic suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. So let’s get to know the man who’s been stealing thousands of hearts since high school.


Lucas wears Louis Vuitton

Photographer Zeb Daemen
Stylist Gabriella Norberg
Makeup Kelly McClain 
Hair Eduardo Bravo 
Manicure Amy Elizabeth
Producer Samuel Geroldi
Words Phoebe Shardlow
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
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