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Tia Lee Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2022 Issue

“One of the best pieces of advice actually came from my current management team. The team give me creative space and tell me to re-imagine the endless possibilities of what C-pop music could sound like when produced on a global scale. They gave me the courage and provided the resources for me to experiment with new music, new visuals and opened up new possibilities for me. It really gave me the confidence and latitude to collaborate with world-class musicians like Swizz Beatz to create new sounds and vibes.” 

Looking to reinstate her place in the C-Pop sphere with new single, “Goodbye Princess”, Tia Lee is making a triumphant return following a three-year-long hiatus. 

Covering our Winter 2022 issue, Lee talks the lessons learnt during her time in the viral girl group, Dream Girls, and what we can expect from her new, globally-focused, era.

Tia Lee  wears Burberry

Photography by Shin Sun Hye
Words by Erica Rana
Editor Ella West
Visual Director Sean K
Executive Producer Lee Kyung Kimat BL Creative House
Styling by Kim Sun Young& Kim Jee Sooat ES Consultancy
Hair by Lee Enoc
Make up by Lee Suk Kyung
Nails by Kim Suji
Set Design by Yoo Yeo Jung
Art directors Aparna Aji, Harry Conor
Production Director Ben Crank
Producer Isabella Coleman

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