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LEONA LEWIS Second Cover Rollacoaster Magazine Autumn/ Winter 2020

LEONA LEWIS Covers: Rollacoaster Magazine Autumn/ Winter 2020

"It’s hard not to feel that pressure and you’d have to be a very focused person not to. There were times points I thought ‘Is this what I should be doing? Should I be doing that?’ but I’m quite stubborn and I do want I want.”

From gracing the famed X Factor stage 14 years years ago to become a prominent figure in the UK music scene, Leona Lewis has had a rollercoaster of a career from parting ways with Simon Cowell’s Syco to overcoming personal vulnerabilities, the singer seemingly navigated the unforgiving scene with ease, dodging society’s ever-growing pressures and expectations. Throwing herself into the world of sustainability and environmental change, the singer's eyes were opened to the world around her leading to her take apart in various philanthropic projects worldwide. 

In the new issue, Lewis unpacks the last 14 years of her career, her activism in society and how she’s fighting for a change in the fashion industry. 

Photography by Bartek Szmigulski
Fashion by Toni-Blaze Ibekwe 
Words by Dayna Southall
Hair by Ben Cooke at the Frank Agency
Make-up by Nikki Wolff at The Wall Group
Nails by Stephanie Staunton at Carol Hayes Management
Fashion Assistant Anastasia Busch
Intern Elisa Messi 
Cover Design Milan Miladinov 
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther