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AUBREY PLAZA Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/Summer 2021

AUBREY PLAZA Covers: Rollacoaster Magazine Autumn/ Winter 2020

“Never try to be like anyone else. As challenging as that might be (especially in an industry where you’re constantly being compared to others) what is special about you is your authentic self. The more you are truly you, the more you won’t fall into a trap of how others want you to be. That’s the best advice I’ve ever been given, though it's not always easy to follow.” Aubrey Plaza 
Aubrey is as witty and hilarious off-camera as she is on. Since 2006 her often deliberately expressionless characters deliver hilarious dry-wit remarks and total ridiculousness that make them easy to love. She’s come a long way fast since interning at NBC and doing improv at Upright Citizens Brigade, in fact, she’s been working nonstop. She now stars in the triggering coming out comedy Happiest Season stealing not just her scenes but the whole film; her likeable stellar performance caused viral outrage from fans wanting her and Kristen Stewart’s characters to end up together. She’s also lead in the complex emotionally provoking meta thriller-dramedy Blackbear, proving her talent goes far beyond just brilliant comedy. We chat about these films, what she really thinks of social media (remember her in Ingrid Goes West?!), the undeniable chemistry with Kristen Stewart, witches, religion, astrology and staying authentic during her ever-expanding 14-year career. 
Aubrey effortlessly lands comedy roles and shows an impressive range of dramatic emotions that left us in awe of her talent in these latest films. It’s no surprise she was chosen as Donald Glover and Seth Rogen’s love interests in Mystery Team and Judd Apatow’s Funny People, or as the now infamous role of April on NBC’s Parks and Recreation; she’s officially in the royal family of comedy.  Currently, you may find her fully clothed in her bathtub conducting broadcast interviews and keeping us laughing when we need to most. 


Photographer: Shane McCauley
Stylist: Jessica Paster
Words/Ent Dir: Erica Cornwall
Hair: Clayton Hawkins
Makeup: Kathy Jeung
Print Design: Milan Miladinov
Special thanks to Hulu & Independent Public Relations