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When 15-year-old Austin Mahone started posting clips of himself singing cover songs on YouTube back in 2010, it didn’t take long for him to get noticed. By 2011 he had a huge online fan base, and the following year he was signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records, releasing singles like “11:11” and “Say You’re Just a Friend”. After a steady stream of singles and EPs, he released his debut album in 2016. 

That was his last album - but for the past three years Mahone has been working hard on another one - and, as he tells Rollacoaster, this one is “more mature, more real. This album is just the most authentic to me. I haven't put out a project this real, ever. It's really just me taking it back to my roots, and telling the world where I came from and what I'm about. And then just giving them that more mature side that they haven't heard yet. Obviously I've grown up in the last four or five years, but nobody really knows me like that yet. Everybody will be getting to know me through this album.”

Rollacoaster caught up with Austin to discuss the forthcoming album, how he built up his confidence to the point where he believes he can do anything he sets his mind to, and why he’ll never want to sound like everyone else.

Words - Octavia Akoulitchev
Photography - David-Simon Dayan
Styling - Anissa Silvas 
Movement Coordinator - Keely Uchida 
Grooming - Ryan Taniguchi with Tomlinson Management Group using Leonor Grayl for hair and skin.
Skin Retoucher - Mario Ernie 
Producer - Morgane Millot
Creative Producer - Gorge Villalpando
Photo Assistant - Nathan Pillow
Stylist Assistant - Zariah Fazlli 

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