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Ava Max Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2022/23 Issue in Skechers

“I’m definitely more vulnerable with my personal life now, especially after going through a crazy breakup. I just felt my whole world come crashing down. I had to figure out who I was again because I let someone else define me for the past year. It’s been a journey for sure. I’m stronger than ever now, I look back and realise it was all a good thing. There’s so much sadness and relief in this album, I’m not scared of the bad anymore. It’s an emotion we all feel and it’s okay to feel that way. Writing Diamonds & Dancefloors allowed me to realise all of my fears and turn them around.” 

Covering our Winter 2022/23 issue, Ava Max talks on her forthcoming sophomore album, Diamonds & Dancefloors, out January 27th, and learning to dance to the beat of her broken heart.

Ava Maxwears Skechers

Photography Brianna Alyssa
Styling by Anastasya Kolomytseva
Words by Ella West
Makeup by Michael Anthonyat Forward Artists
Hair by Castillo at Opus Beauty
Editor Ella West
Art Directors Aparna Aji, Harry Fitzgerald, Livia Vourlakidou
Production Director Ben Crank
Producer Isabella Coleman

Special thanks to MSA Studios

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