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From a small town in Texas, Emeraude Toubia began her career in pageants, before moving to telenovelas and other acting jobs. As she’s grown, her creative endeavours have grown alongside her. She's since started her own clothing company, "Love, Em", production company, "The Emerald Co.", and is now starring in Amazon Prime's new series With Love. She plays Lily, a hopeless romantic with a tendency to get overwhelmed by family.

What first drew her to the role? "More than anything, she's human", Toubia says. "She's spunky and driven and passionate, but she still makes mistakes. She just broke up with her perfect-on-paper boyfriend and is now navigating life. I feel so many young girls kind of are navigating life - their love life - and it's not easy. It's complicated and messy because we all still want it just right, even though we know there's going to be heartbreak. We still want it. Lily's journey is so fun because she's torn between her family traditions and defining her own way of living. I feel that I immediately connect to her because all my girlfriends are talking about that and I feel so many girls, no matter what ethnicity you are, are still navigating their way through love."

Toubia sat down with Rollacoaster to discuss her connection with Lily, the importance of breaking stereotypes in the rom-com universe, and why she decided to start her own production company.

Tune in to watch With Love available December 17th on Amazon Prime Video.

Emeraude wears Chanel

Photographer Mark Squires
Stylist Jessica Paster
Hair Graham Nation
Makeup Melissa Hernandez
Entertainment Director Erica Cornwall
Words Jeremy Silverman

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