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JAY REEVES Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/ Summer 2021

JAY REEVES Covers: Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/ Summer 2021

Five years ago, you might have found Jay Reeves working his shift at a Chinese restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. Now, you can find him on the billboard that hangs over said restaurant. Launching off the success of TV-hit All-American, Jay Reeves earned the starring role in DIsney+’s Safety, released earlier this year. 

A jack-of-all-trades, Jay has expanded from stage to TV, to film, to music, demonstrating his versatility. Maybe it has something to do with all the years he spent playing football, but Jay is having no problems scoring in the entertainment industry. 

Jay Reeves sat down with Rollacoaster to discuss the déjà vu moments he’s experienced because of his star-making roles, what he learned from Taye Diggs and Denzel Washington, and when to expect his first album. Don’t worry, he’s not getting distracted. Jay Reeves has the discipline to make it all happen and so much more. 


JAY REEVES  wears Dior  and Omega

Photographer Randy Tran
Stylist Trevor Boyd
Grooming Anna Bernabe
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Art Director Milan Miladinov
Words Henry Petrillo