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Leni Klum is following in her mother Heidi’s modelling footsteps, but she’s determined to carve her own path. This year has been a big one for the 17 year old: she landed her modelling debut in the January/February issue of Vogue Germany, made her runway debut at Berlin fashion week, right before covering Glamour Germany exactly 20 years after her mother, and walked for Dolce and Gabbana’s Alta Moda show. She’s also launched her own line of minimalist, basic-inspired pieces, About You, and collaborated with Plant for the Planet to launch the Klum Forest - and that’s all since January. She has, to put it mildly, hit the ground running.

Has it been hard, being plunged into the limelight so suddenly? Leni says, “I don't read my comments. I think that you should just block it out. Don’t even think about it, just do what you're there to do, and do what you want to do. Don’t let anybody stand in your way and tell you what you can't do, just be yourself.”

In our AW21 issue, Leni Klum shares the best advice her mother has given her, where she finds her style inspiration, and why she’s using her platform to pave the way to a greener planet.

Leni Klum wears Nicole + Felica

​​​​Photographer Max Montgomery
Fashion Editor Gorge Villalpando
Hair Makiko Nara
Make-up Alexa N Hernadez
Words Octavia Akoulitchev
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Lighting Tech Thomas Patton
Fashion Market Anissa Silvas
Fashion Assistant Liz Castillo

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