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LEO MANDELLA wears BEATS covers Rollacoaster Magazine Fall/ Winter 2021


Leo Mandella first began to make a name for himself on the streetwear scene at just 13, posting Instagram fit pics outside the Peter Street Supreme store. Six years later, @gullyguyleo has fronted a billboard campaign for one of the world’s biggest footwear companies, worked with high fashion brands from Gucci to Fendi, and begun to move into music with his latest venture Kitchen Radio.

Throw a teenager into exclusive star-studded events, front row seats at fashion shows across the world, and add thousands of Instagram followers - the result isn’t always pretty. But Mandella is acutely self-aware, and it becomes clear over the course of our conversation that losing himself has never been an issue. “When I go to London, I might be at an event where Kendall Jenner is, but then I’ll go home and I’ll just be getting drunk in the park. The change is so fun, and it really helps me just stay a child. I’m always here [at home in Warwickshire], I just love it.”

Now collaborating with Beats by Dr. Dre, Mandella sits down to chat about his journey, the interdependence of the music and fashion industries, and why he loves the Beats Studio Buds (available now at John Lewis & Partners). The heyday of hypebeasts camping out for drops might be over, but Mandella isn’t going anywhere. 

Photographer Rhys Frampton
Art Director Milan Miladinov
Stylist Jake Songui-Hunte
Groomer Rohmarra Kerr
Producer Sam Geroldi
Words Octavia Akoulitchev
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
BTS Sam Pemberton
Special Thanks Sugar Studio

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