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ASHLEY WALTERS & NOEL CLARKE Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/Summer 2020

ASHLEY WALTERS & NOEL CLARKE Cover: Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/ Summer 2020

Over the course of 20 years, actors Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke shared the same meteoric rise, but never a screen together. Now, with their Sky One buddy-cop series, Bulletproof entering it’s second season this spring, the two have made it clear they’re done waiting for permission for two black actors to play the heroes.

Both screen heavyweights in their own rights, west London-hailed Noel Clarke had become synonymous with his dour ex-con character Sam Peel in the gritty London trilogy which blazed into public consciousness back in 2006 with Kidulthood, as well as his five-year tenure in Doctor Who as Billie Piper’s boyfriend Mickey Smith. And Peckham-born Ashley Walters had similarly enjoyed a swift ascent on Channel 4’s beloved series Top Boy (@topboynetflix), which like Kidulthood, offered (and still offers due to a Drake-bolstered Netflix return to our screens last year) a rare and abrasive vantage into London youth. And let’s not forget Walters’ illustrious career as a So Solid Crew spitter also firmly tucked under his belt. 

One day, a game-changing idea sparked from the odd realisation that the two had never shared a screen. Their white peers were constantly teamed up for combined screen prowess, while two of London’s most prominent black actors couldn’t say the same. So they decided to take things into their own hands, and armed with co-creator, screenwriter and director Nick Love, Sky One’s buddy cop drama, Bulletproof, was born. 

Returning March 20th this year, Bulletproofs second season sees the buds tackling their biggest case yet, involving a million pound drug deal that takes them from London to Cyprus to Amsterdam. Consider us positioned firmly and squarely on the edge of our seats.


Photographer Danny Kasirye
Words by Maybelle Morgan
Fashion Bo Dubé 
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Hair London Barber Shop
Grooming Natasha Lakic
Production Federica Barletta

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