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JEREMY POPE Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/Summer 2020

JEREMY POPE Covers: Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/ Summer 2020

“The win for me wasn’t even the nomination, but that I was seen, and I was heard. And it wasn’t just me, but that we were seen, we were heard.”

The golden boy of Ryan Murphy’s latest witty history projectHollywood, actor Jeremy Pope shows us how he’s making history – on and off camera

‘Hollywood’ is made by Netflix and is released globally on May 1st

Last year, Jeremy Pope became the sixth actor in the whole of Tony Award history to be nominated in two categories in the same year — Best Actor in a Play for his role inChoir Boy, and Best Featured Actor in a Musical for Ain’t Too Proud. Kicking off 2020 with a Grammy nomination too, Pope has already established his name as one of the performers defining a new and more inclusive era of film and theatre. Set to star in Ryan Murphy’s buzzy new Netflix series Hollywood, due May 1, Pope sits down with Rollacoaster to reflect on the dreams and doubts that have shaped his journey so far — from wondering if there was a space for him in Hollywood, to hoping others will see themselves in his work and know there’s space for them too.

Jeremy Pope wears The ElderStatesman
Photography by Rhys Frampton
Fashion by Anastasya Kolomytseva
Words by Didi Udofia
Grooming by Anastasia Stylianou
Cover Design by Olivia Woodgate
Production by Federica Barletta
Production Assistant Penny Nakan

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