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LYNN GUNN Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/Summer 2020

LYNN GUNN Covers: Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/ Summer 2020

In our SS20 issue we meet PVRIS frontwoman Lynn Gunn, who formed the band in 2012 with Alex Babinski and Brian MacDonald. Blending elements of rock with atmospheric beats and pop-leaning melodies, they released their debut full-length album White Noise in 2014, and have since toured with Muse, Fall Out Boy and 30 Seconds To Mars. 

After a reflective 2019 — “about finding a new wave of energy for everything” — Gunn has harnessed a new faith in the universe, and the band is preparing to put out another album. “It’s about shedding old skin — shedding the last two years pretty much,” she says of their latest single, “Dead Weight”, which was written the day after she got a psychic reading. “There were so many crazy transitions and cutting ties — all for growth and evolution. But it’s kind like shaking off the dead weight.”

Talking everything from astrology, spirituality and life outside of music to the details of their new record, Gunn sets our her intentions for 2020, which looks like it’s going to be the biggest year yet for the band.

Photography by Kristen Jan Wong
Fashion by Trevor Boyd
Words by Audry Hiaoui
Hair by Sophia Porter for Exclusive Artists
Special thanks to MSA Studios Los Angeles

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