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Rickey Thompson Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/ Summer 2021

RICKEY THOMPSON wears in Coach Covers: Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/ Summer 2021

From first breaking out of the original comedy app Vine to hosting his own podcast We Said What We Said with best friend Denzel Dion, comedian Rickey Thompson has been having us bent over laughing for years with his effervescent energy and hilarious skits. Few online personalities have been able to endure and grow on one social media platform, but Rickey hasn’t found one he can’t make work. 

With the social media star working on starting his own collection of accessories, we caught up with Thompson to discuss his OG Vine days, his new partnership with Coach and what his pending rebrand is going to look like – don’t be surprised when he starts popping up on screens besides your phone.

Rickey Thompson wears COACH

Photography - Benjamin Askinas
Art Direction - Milan Miladinov
Stylist - Donna Lisa
Grooming - Paige Davenport
Production - Noelle De Angelis
Interview - Henry Petrillo
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