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Amilli unveils her new track, “Stuck in My Head”, building an empire atop female empowerment.

Amilli unveils her new track, “Stuck in My Head”, building an empire atop female empowerment.

The singer teases the release of her debut album with another track fit for every playlist. 

Suitably titled “Stuck in My Head”, Amilli unveils her brand new track which happens to double as the catchiest, most fierce power anthem of 2023. Employing a blend of Amilli’s fairy-like vocals with a pulse-raising drum instrumental by Noah Führbringer, “Stuck in My Head” opens a narrative about the eternal dilemma of polar opposite lovers: a frustrating, all-consuming back and forth that diffuses in the song’s mesmerising beats. 

Speaking further on the track, the artist imparts, “‘Stuck In My Head’ lives from the thought that I just wanted to make songs that make you feel good and radiate self-confidence. One has no desire for commitment and wants to be independent, but this one person arouses more interest than intended. The person pulls you under its spell and you just can't get them out of your head.”

Gearing up to release her debut album later this year, the singer is quickly building an empire upon past heartbreak and present self-love. Garnering over 202,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, it is clear to see that no one is safe from Amilli’s allure — keeping her stuck in our heads, and thirsty for more. 

To hear more on the track and to stream “Stuck in My Head” now, head below… 

Amilli! Congratulations on the release of “Stuck in my Head”! Can you tell us what inspired the creation of the track? / How do you resonate personally with the song?

When I was writing the song, I was listening to a lot of Drum & Bass music that got really popular at the time and was really inspired by it. I always have a lot of fun trying out new styles and genres and I also felt like I naturally tend to write more emotional and sad songs, so I really wanted to just make a fun and quirky song, that’s not so serious. With “Stuck In My Head“ I tried to embrace the feeling of being independent and not feeling like you depend on a significant other to be fulfilled in life. Yet, there’s someone that still caught your attention and doesn’t really get out of your head. I really enjoyed writing a love song that doesn’t have that codependent “I could never live without you“ energy, but one that still feels confident and reflects the fact that independency and romance can co-exist.

What were your intentions behind the music video?

My intentions behind the music video of “Stuck In My Head“ were to reflect the whole theme and production of the song. Having those beautiful, confident women dancing and performing with me was so fun and the whole shoot felt really empowering. I wanted the video to feel a little quirky and over the top as well. I feel like I really switched into my completely confident, hot and careless version of myself, which felt really freeing in a way. My production team “Mightkillya“ also did a great job at creating really fast camera movements and sped up clips to reflect the production of the song and make it look more special and interesting to watch.

What are you hoping to communicate with your listeners/fans?

I guess there’s not really a specific “message“ or anything that I actively want to communicate with my listeners. I can only tell what the song means and feels like to me and if it boosts your confidence like it does to me, that’s great!  

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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