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Ariel Bellvalaire dives deep with darkly dreamy single, "Sharks In The Water”.

The artist refuses to become industry bait in her brand new track, released ahead of her debut album.

Ariel Bellvalaire’s latest single, "Sharks In The Water," navigates the treacherous seas of the music industry with a darkly dreamy soundscape that reflects the lurking dangers beneath its surface. This new track is part of an impressive 2024 lineup for Ariel, showcasing her evolution as a versatile artist capable of blending rock passion with pop sensibilities.

Following the success of her previous singles "Satellite" and the widely acclaimed "Til The Clock Strikes," "Sharks In The Water" arrives as Ariel prepares for her highly anticipated debut album. As her first steps in the industry can attest to – during which she delivered a standout performance in a Broadway tribute to Prince – Ariel doesn’t do anything by halves…and her trajectory since has only consolidated the point. 

From becoming the face of numerous national ad campaigns, served as a touring guitarist for pop icon Debbie Gibson, and performing internationally with the award-winning "Drag The Musical" show, Ariel has carved a multifaceted lane of her very own. Cutting her teeth with viral guitar-shredding videos, often featuring her skills as an aerial gymnast, she’s quickly established an identity as one of America's foremost guitarists. But as her current discography continues to bloom, it’s a grave mistake to define her ground. 

While Ariel’s bodies of work are often recognised by the marriage of late-'90s/mid-'00s pop melodies with rock's raw energy, "Sharks In The Water" marks a new direction for the artist as a darker, more intense offering. The track's beat is snaky and sinister, while the guitar solo crescendos with a dramatic urgency. This darker tone aligns with the single's theme, which delves into the precarious nature of the music industry—a subject matter often regarded as taboo, yet sounds anthemic under Ariel’s booming vocals.

Proving that she can create room-filling features while addressing more profound themes, Ariel is making a statement. She creates more than art, she creates more than movement; she’s creating an uprise. As she continues to prepare for her debut album, this single acts as a glimpse into the darker, edgier direction her music is taking. Fans and new listeners alike can look forward to more groundbreaking work from this dynamic artist.

For now, however, you can stream the new track below…

Words by Ella West

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