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Grace & Moji unveil trippy music video for new single, “Sad Times”.

The Indie-Pop power couple follows new single with captivating visual. 

Indie-Pop power couple Grace & Moji have recently released the mesmerising music video for their latest single, “Sad Times”—continuing to garner critical acclaim for their unique blend of music. As the married duo delves into their genre-defying musical style, their shared backstory, and the rapid evolution of their relationship, “Sad Times” emerges as a passionate and dynamic addition to their growing discography.

Grace – a New York City native and the child of Korean immigrants – discovered music as a therapeutic escape from the challenges of her tumultuous upbringing. Even while pursuing a successful career in the corporate world, Grace dedicated herself to writing and recording her own material, establishing her presence as a patron to various music organisations.

On the other side of the musical spectrum, Moji, hailing from the remote forests of Sweden, gained acclaim as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. Moving to Los Angeles, he collaborated with artists amassing hundreds of millions of streams, contributing to his rapidly growing reputation in the industry.

The duo's swift courtship and subsequent marriage have profoundly influenced their musical style, resulting in songs that are not only charged and dynamic but also deeply meaningful. The music video for “Sad Times,” directed by industry veteran John Frost, offers a trippy and surreal exploration of confronting sadness with an upbeat mindset.

Grace reflects on the single release, stating, "This music video is one of the highlights of my creative journey. It was incredible to work with John Frost, who immediately understood our intentions and took it to another level of production and artistry. Truly a work of art.”

Moji adds, "We had so much fun making this video! We let our director, John Frost, go crazy with his conceptually and technically psychedelic imagination. A pink convertible, a mysterious figure, a blue fur room, 360 camera madness, this video has it all.”

As Grace & Moji continue to captivate audiences with their innovative sound and visually stunning music videos, “Sad Times” stands as a testament to their artistic prowess and commitment to pushing creative boundaries. The duo's ability to infuse meaning into their music while delivering an exhilarating visual experience reaffirms their position as a dynamic force in the indie-pop scene—and there’s plenty more to come where that came from.

To stream the video now, head below…

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020