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Joshua Thew is putting in the “Work For You” in his soulful new single and music video.

The dancer turned multifaceted artist unveils his latest body of work...

Joshua Thew is a London-based artist and songwriter from Hertfordshire, UK. He danced for the New York City Ballet for a decade until a serious back injury in 2016 led him to pursue music full-time. And as his previous efforts – like Turn Me to Water – will prove, his ability to captivate audiences doesn’t stop at his dancing feet. 

Joshua's latest single, "Work For You," is a captivating blend of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Showcasing his remarkable ability to channel emotion through music in this new release, he simultaneously tugs us onto his dance floor while pulling at our heartstrings while delving into the complexities of love and dedication. The accompanying video features Joshua in various evocative settings, each scene meticulously crafted to mirror the song's lyrical journey. The song's production, marked by lush instrumentation and his soulful voice, draws inspiration from legends like Joni Mitchell and Donny Hathaway. "Work For You" is a testament to Joshua's growth as an artist, showcasing his unique sound that combines rich, melancholic tones with contemporary influences.

Speaking on the single, Joshua shares, “Its the moody motivational song on the LP. The initial groove and chord progression immediately sparked a lot of buzz and creativity. It sort of shimmers and bubbles under the surface. It’s really a song that evokes that ‘against all odds’ we’ll make it through stance. I wanted to express this particular idea of how it can sometimes feel in a relationship. A mirror is thrust towards you to really examine and work on yourself in the way you react to others. It can be painful to dig up certain truths about yourself. The chorus is saying simply that the person in question is worth this deeper kind of work. You have to go through the fire sometimes.”

To join him on that journey, head below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020


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