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It’s Layto’s world, and we’re tuning into it.

The alternative Hip-Hop artist follows up an explosive year with the deluxe version of his debut LP, alternative psycho. 

Having risen to online stardom with his distinctive brand of alternative Hip-Hop that quickly gained traction on streaming platforms, Layto is gearing up to unveil more dark and dynamic music following the release of the deluxe version of his debut album, alternative psycho—and we are well and truly tuned in. 

Over the past five years, Layto has amassed over 250 million streams—a sizeable arbiter of his explosive blend of Alt-Rock and Hip-Hop…providing a fervently impassioned voice for numerous music enthusiasts.

Drawn to the raw power of Hip-Hop lyrics and its profound connection with listeners, Layto released his debut EP, "Low Boy," in 2018, marking a transformative moment in his career. The 2020 hit single, "Houndin," further propelled Layto to even greater success, independently amassing an impressive 70 million streams.

Now, Layto has unveiled the Deluxe version of alternative psycho, featuring three new songs for his fans to enjoy. One of these tracks, “better off,” is a fiery, emotionally charged song where Layto portrays himself as his own worst enemy in the aftermath of a breakup. True to Layto's signature style, the track effortlessly bridges grungy Nu-Metal sounds with the intensity of angry Hip-Hop. In the accompanying visual, Layto visually depicts the impact of relationship drama and a fractured mental state, portraying himself as damaged and demonic—a sentiment likely to resonate with many listeners.

With Layto’s social media presence surging to new heights – including a TikTok fanbase consisting of over 120K users – he is making it known that at the heart of his art, is his people. 

As a testament to this fact, Layto hit the road earlier this spring on a nationwide tour with label-mate Ryan Oakes—delivering live performances that invite audiences into an immersive experience in Layto’s sonic universe. With Layto's current impressive catalogue, fans can anticipate many more experiences to come. However that may look, one this is for sure…the future is looking loud for Layto and his dedicated fanbase.

To stream the official music video for Layto now, scroll below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020