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Naomi Jane is tired of “Pretty Boys” as she lets out her last cry in her brand new music video.

The rising star continues her rein of 2024 with hit new single… 

Naomi Jane, a rising star in the music scene, is set to dazzle audiences in 2024 with a series of exciting new releases. With a collection of singles ready for launch and multiple EPs on the horizon, Naomi's journey in the music industry is gaining remarkable momentum.

Following the success of her recent hits, "Never Let Go" and "Why Not" – which captured listeners' hearts in November and December 2023 – Naomi has already garnered over 350k streams. With her unique sound and compelling lyrics, she continues to carve her path towards stardom.

Her latest triumph sees her taking on the role of Kathy in “Singing in the Rain,” with eagerly anticipated performances scheduled for late spring 2024 in Santa Barbara, CA. Naomi's versatility shines through in her diverse repertoire, which includes her acclaimed portrayal of the male lead, Jack Kelly, in “Newsies." Offstage, Naomi has made appearances on television and in films, demonstrating her versatility as an artist. As a prolific songwriter, known as the "piano poet," Naomi's compositions resonate deeply with her audience, showcasing her mastery of multiple instruments.

But to assume thats all our updates would be a huge mistake. As of today, Naomi pays an odes to the (disappointing) “Pretty Boys” in her latest anthem. Making for the ultimate bedroom Pop escape, she lays on a bed surrounded by the pretty boys of our past, present and future as she gives in to her inner psyche—one that is done with crying. A song of heartache, frustration and recovery, “Pretty Boys” is the song you wish you had growing up—but as Naomi continues to prove, she’s never too late to the party. 

To stream the music video for “Pretty Boys” now, head below…

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020