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Jake Austin Walker Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2022/23 Issue

“I think his approach to life is pretty pragmatic, which my friends have said I have a tendency of doing. It takes some slight nudging and convincing from others for Liam to kind of open up. He’s very much a locked box. For a long time, I was very emotionally contained which is not the best thing to be as an actor. But friends helped me bring that out. On top of that, obviously music. I still feel ridiculously spoiled to play a character I'm absolutely in love with and then also be doing music on the show. And the music is so fun. We’re similar in so many ways.”

Covering our Winter 2022/23 issue, Jake Austin Walker sits down with Rose Dodd to discuss farm life, Zoom auditions and playing Liam Sandusky in the Disney Plus series, National Treasure: Edge of History.

Styling Monty Jackson
Words Rose Dodd
Grooming Kachay Dorsey
Editor Ella West
Art Directors Aparna Aji, Harry Fitzgerald, Livia Vourlakidou