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Daisy Ridley Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Spring/Summer 2024 Issue

“I loved it and it was all very exciting, and then I had that moment of, ‘How didn't I know of this before?’ I’m getting that response a lot from people. This is a version of the story; Jeff [Nathanson, who wrote the film] has used creative licence, but the fact that the real Trudy did that swim and paved the way for so many people after her is pretty bonkers.”

From facing her fear of open water to play iconic swimmer Trudy Ederle, to starring as two women dealing with very different forms of loneliness, our Spring/Summer 2024 cover star Daisy Ridley’s trio of films couldn’t be more varied—and she tells us all about it. Young Woman and the Sea is out in theatres now, coming to Disney+ on July 19th!

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Photography by Simon Lipman 
Styling by Hasan Hejazi
Interview and words by Jennifer Lynn 
Hair by Dayaruci
Makeup by Kelly Cornwell
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton 
Editor-in-Chief Ella West 
Creative Director Jeffrey Thomson 
Art Director Harry Fitzgerald
Assistant Art Director Bethany Griffiths 
Production Director Benjamin Crank
Production Assistant Lola Randall
Styling Assistant Chris Barley

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