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Joe Locke Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Spring/Summer 2023 Issue

“I feel like I enjoy being able to tell important stories that people can relate to or that the world needs to know. I think there's something really beautiful about the art that we create as a society, and it's great to be a part of that.” 

Just over a year since Heartstopper’s debut, Joe Locke covers our Summer 2023 issue, talking on his return to Truham High for the show’s second season and filming his entry into the Marvel universe in next year’s Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

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Joe Locke wears Dior.

Photographer Dillon Matthew
Fashion by Wojciech Christopher Nowak
Words by Andrew Wright
Grooming by Alex Keating
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton
Editor Ella West
Art Director Harry Fitzgerald
Production Director Ben Crank
Producer Isabella Coleman
Production Intern Lola Randall
Fashion Assistants Alfred Humphries and Rianne Randle
Special thanks to Vandervoort Studio