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Yesly Dimate Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2023 Issue

“For me, my current environment is very different from how I grew up, so it has definitely been an adjustment. There’s a learning curve when it comes to meeting new people and I am fortunate enough that I have met a lot of other creators on the same journey. After speaking with them, I have learned that they experience the same kind of anxiety, which in turn settles my own a bit—knowing that we are experiencing similar things. I have also learned to come out of my shell. While I have anxiety, I am put in a place that forces me to socialise and it has brought me the most amazing friends and opportunities. You could say it has been a blessing in disguise.”

Despite her 5M following, it would be a mistake to class Yesly Dimate as your typical content creator. Talking her big move to NYC, the impact of her online presence and her plans for the future, the 26-year-old covers our Winter 2023 issue. 

Yesly Dimate wears Beverly Hills Lingerie

Photography by Alvin Kean Wong
Styling by Zoe Gofman
Words by Lucy Pemberton 
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton 
Editor Ella West 
Art Director Harry Fitzgerald 
Production Director Ben Crank 
Producer Isabella Coleman 
Production Intern Lola Randall
Hair by Netty Jordan at Crowd Mgmt
Makeup by Kale Teter at The Wall Group

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