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Cosmo Jarvis Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2022 Issue

“The older I got the more I realised that the only arena which facilitates me doing anything of any potential purpose is reality. It’s true that due to social media existing within reality it is obviously a part of it but somewhere along the way, in an effort to focus my scope of concern and effort on the tangible environment around me, I felt the need to separate that realm and all it implies from the one I actually exist in.”

From research to red herrings, Cosmo Jarvis covers our Winter 2022 issue, talking on bringing a character to life from script to screen and his apathy towards the digital age. 

Styling by Way Perryat The Wall Group
Words by Scarlett Baker
Editor Ella West
Grooming by Tariq Howesat Leftside Creative
Digital Maxfield Hegedus
Production Director Ben Crank
Production assistant Isabella Coleman
Fashion assistants Andrew Burlingand Sam Thompson 

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