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Founder and creative director Ainy Naim tells us all about the hottest new brand.

It's been called the brand "everyone is wearing but nobody knows" and loads of your faves have already been snapped wearing their pieces, so what actually is ANZ?

We caught up with founder and creative director Ainy Naim to find out all there is to know.

Hey Ainy, how are you?

Hey, I’m good, been busy sorting my shit out.

Going back to the beginning, when did you first get interested in fashion?
If we go way way back, when I lived in Karachi, my Grandma had one of those old treadle sewing machines. I would always want to play with it, making what I could for my dolls with scraps of cloth I would find. Being born in Pakistan, you are surrounded by textiles and embroidery. We would always create our own outfits for occasions with the local tailor. It just was in me, I knew at 11 where I wanted to study and that I wanted to one day create a brand. I guess I never quit.
When did you start wanting to create your own pieces?
I always painted or customized everything I wore, changing buttons around and adding embellishments from a young age. I could never keep a denim jacket plain. I used to make custom made shearling coats with Swarovski crystals to sell to my friends when I was at university. These ended up in boutiques around London, I didn’t even have a real brand at that point, I just enjoyed creating things.
What was the first item you created?
I would say it was a pair of Swarovski crystal jeans for Ms Dynamite. I was assisting an assistant on a set of a show called Flava. She wore them on the show.
What influences your own creations?
Definitely culture. I am observing constantly what’s going on in the world , in conversations, news, and entertainment. Cultural fusions inspire me. My heritage definitely is a huge influence.
How was ANZ born?
Initially I wanted to created patterns inspired from areas in the Middle East. The media had such negative imagery towards Muslims and by using the prints I hoped that it would maybe desensitise that negativity. As I developed the product I the UK, I worked predominantly with knitwear factories that blended the keffiyeh print with a retro knit popular in the 80’s. I really focused after this on developing this with the brightest colour palettes. It organically developed in from there.
What makes ANZ stand out?
I would say it’s our blends of patterns and colour combinations. The comfort level and ease of the garment makes it an effortless piece to wear.
You dropped your Peaceful Protests collection earlier this year. Can you tell us a bit about how that came into being?
People are speaking up / voting having a political opinion. Brexit is a mess, and with out a doubt we live in turbulent times. I have experienced racial hate through out my life but my expression through my work was my way of taking pride in where I’m from and also being British.
Certain captions I use, such as ethnically made is awareness of the various ethnic back grounds here in the UK behind the scenes contributing to the fashion industry. This is my peaceful protest
What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
The Patriot cardigan, It’s like a comfort blanket. I have to take it everywhere with me.
What are you working on now?
A broader range. It took me a few years to lay a foundation for AnZ. There will be techniques of traditional fabrics and embroidery that I want to fuse into the next collection. “Londonstani” is a good hint, lol.
What does 2019 have in store for you?

We have got big plans - the brand is all about the amazing cultures and diverse people of this earth so we want to take this GLOBAL!