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The pint-sized pop icon reaching for the stars.

Photography by EMILY SOTO



Rachel wears blouse by RODARTE, jumper by CHRISTOPHER KANE and earring by ANNIKA INEZ

Rachel wears shirt by BALENCIAGA, tights are stylist's own, shoes by MANOLO BLAHNIK and earring by LUCIA PEARL

Rachel wears all clothing by SIES MARJAN and earrings by SUNDARA MAR

Rachel Trachtenburg has been playing in bands since she was six years old. First in the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players with her parents, then in Supercute! and now in New York based three-piece Wooing. It’s an impressive CV, and that’s before you consider her acting and modelling careers on top of the music. With a workload like that, a lot of people would struggle to avoid burning out, but she’s been in the game a while now and knows how to cope.

“I do yoga and meditation regularly, which helps keep me in check,” she explains. “I also work as an embroidery artist when my other jobs have down time. All of my interests support each other and somehow it all falls into place really naturally. It’s not all down to me either, my music. I have a great team of women who I really trust and know support my goals.”

“Fashion and film also feed into my music in a massive way,” she continues. “They’re all linked very closely. I get inspiration from films and documentaries when writing lyrics - music is very visual for me. What I wear on stage and in music videos also helps the audience understand the bigger picture of my art and personality, and what I’m trying to communicate through my songs. A lot of my favourite films have soundtracks that are just as important as the story, and of course fashion has so much to do with setting a vibe.”

Top left: Rachel wears top by LOUIS VUITTON and briefs by MARGIELA. Top right: Rachel wears blouse by RODARTE, jumper by CHRISTOPHER KANE and earring by ANNIKA INEZ. Bottom left: Rachel wears shirt by MARC JACOBS. Bottom right: Rachel wears suit by SIES MARJAN and earrings by SUNDARA MAR.

This attitude of taking inspiration from anywhere and everywhere extends to music, too. “I love Syd Barrett,” Rachel says without hesitation when I ask who her biggest musical influence is. “My mom is a big Pink Floyd fan and Syd’s music has been a huge part of my childhood. I love how whimsical and free his songs are, but there’s also a dark aspect in them that I really connect with.”

“I have a love for some radio pop, too,” she adds. “I like to call it supermarket music. Songs like ‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello or ‘I’m Drowning’ by Nappy Zee have definitely been on repeat for me lately. I’m not sure how much those songs affect my own writing process. Though I have been thinking more about what it is that draws me towards a pop hit and how to work that into my own more so non-conventional songs.”

With such disparate elements influencing her music, Wooing’s unique, woozy sound starts to make a lot of sense, but where would be the ultimate goal for the band? “A tour with the Breeders, or a collaboration of some sort with Kim Deal. I love her work so much and it would be a dream to play with her or work on something together.” Rachel pauses, before finally adding: “Her and her sister like to knit and craft too, so I’ve fantasised about a knitting or embroidery club with them, it would be so fun!”

Rachel wears top by LOUIS VUITTON and briefs by MARGIELA

Rachel wears suit by DEREK LAM, top by GmBH and earring by LUCIA PEARL

Rachel wears shirt by MARC JACOBS and tights are stylist's own

Rachel wears dress by 1017 ALYX 9SM, tights are stylist's own and earring by FLRNZ

Hair by CLARA LEONARDat Atelier
Makeup by SHAYNA GOLD at Atelier
With thanks to DAVID COFFIN