Photography by Bartek Szmigulski

Styling by Jessica Gardener

Words by Ryan Cahill


It’s 2005. I’m 11 years old and bouncing around my bedroom lip-syncing to “Kiss Kiss” by Holly Valance while my cousin records me via a plug-in webcam. We’ve just discovered a new social media site called Bebo and, like everyone else at the time, we’re obsessed. We think we’re destined to be the next stars of social media – and my flamboyant “Kiss Kiss” rendition is the key to all our success.

Sadly (or thankfully) our dreams of internet stardom were never realised, but for Tanya Burr (albeit a LOT more talented), her climb to internet iconicity was pretty much plain sailing – and she definitely didn’t need Holly Valance to help her make it. Her lifestyle videos thrust her to worldwide fame, and after a 10-year reign at the top of the YouTube game, she’s amassed over three million followers on all of her social media outlets, whilst also studying drama and pursuing her career as an actor. This year sees the rising star become a fully-fledged thespian as she takes on the screen and stage in a string of diverse roles.


Blazer by TOPSHOP, turtleneck by UNIQLO, earrings by DIOR

Hair Natsumi Ebiko, makeup Amy Conley at Stella Creative Artists

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