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Grace Van Patten Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Autumn/ Winter 2022

“I really hope the audience watches the show through [Lucy’s] eyes and is just as confused about Stephen as she is. I hope they feel that back and forth. That’s the feeling you have when someone is so polarising and intriguing and exciting but also treats you terribly. It’s a feeling that can be addicting sometimes. I think a lot of people have shame about falling into something like that and not seeing the red flags and trusting that person. It was a really important story to tell, that anyone can be fooled.” 

Covering our Autumn/Winter 2022 issue, Grace Van Patten sits down with Ella West to uncover the truth behind Hulu’s hit drama series, Tell Me Lies. Starring as the lead, Lucy Albright, the 25-year-old actor talks toxic relationships, the power of female friendship and the importance of sage smudging your personal space. 

Grace Van Patten wears Dior

Photography by Christine Hahn  
Styling by Ryan Youngat The Wall Group 
Words by Ella West
Set Design by Javier Irigoyen at Lalaland Artists 
Makeup by Grace Ahn at Julian Watson Agency 
Hair by Blake Erik at Forward Artists 
Nails by Mamie Onishi at See Management 
Pearl the Sphynx: Lyndsy Welgos 
Motorcycle by David Yu & Erika Yu 
Shot at Pier59 Studios 
Cover design by Livia Vourlakidou
Production Director Morgane Millot

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