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Josie Totah Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2023 Issue

“I think some of my strongest values have been formed by both my wonderful parents and the people I’ve surrounded myself with.  Those values being to educate through empathy, lead with love, and call in those who do not agree with you. I think because of that I have such a diverse friend group, not just in background, but in thought. I am very blessed to have a really wonderful tribe.”

Covering our Winter 2023 issue, star of Apple TV+’s The Buccaneers Josie Totah speaks on her experience in the acting and directing worlds, trying her hand at script-writing and bearing a torch for inclusivity in the industry. 

Photography by Antoine Spignardo
Styling by Amanda Lim
Words by Ella West 
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton
Editor Ella West 
Art Director Harry Fitzgerald
Production Director Ben Crank 
Producer Isabella Coleman
Production Intern Lola Randall
Hair by Ricky Mota at Infinity Creative Agency
Makeup by Rob Rumsey at A-Frame Agency
Lighting Assistant Steve Gripp
Photography Assistant Benjamin Smith