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Louis Theroux Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2023 Issue

“I’ve done a lot of programmes and covered a lot of ground. And there’s a whole new generation now watching my work. They see me as something different. But I do feel like I’m curious about many of the same things that I was 30 years ago. I’m conscious of my cultural references and not wanting to settle into ‘the good old days.’ These interviews allow fairly intimate access to someone who is faced with maybe some similar decisions and dilemmas. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I never used to have that feeling of learning from someone else's life.”

Covering our Winter 2023 issue, its Louis Theroux’s turn to be cast under the spotlight. Discussing the second season of Louis Theroux Interviews – an access-all-areas meeting with cultural icons and trailblazers from Anthony Joshua and Joan Collins to Raye – the journalist and broadcaster breaks down his approach to cross-examination, catering to new audiences and the inception of his independent production company, Mindhouse. Whether it’s his career lows, his new-found love for slut’s pasta or his viral “Jiggle Jiggle” moments, Theroux leaves nothing off-record. 

Louis Theroux Interviews is available to stream now on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer. 

Photography by Danny Kasirye at Monday Artists
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Words by Scarlett Baker
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton
Editor Ella West
Grooming by Brady Lea at Premier Hair and Makeup
Lighting Director Henry Hewitt
Digital Technician Jamie Sinclair
Fashion Assistant Jemima Farrow
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