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Shenseea Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2023 Issue

I believe my purpose is to create music for the world to understand, enjoy and inspire the eyes that are witnessing my journey. Therefore, it's important to me that I maximise my full potential and not allow my creativity to be repressed or else it will lead me to believe I have lived an unfulfilled life.”

Shenseea abetted in Dancehall’s rise to the global mainstream. Now, she’s reinventing it—and herself in the process. Covering our Winter 2023 issue, the Grammy-nominated artist chats with Ben Tibbits on her dream collaborators, how she’s pushing her sound and what she has in store for us next. 

Shenseea wears Tommy Hilfiger

Photography by Tommy Chung
Styling by Steven Lassalle
Words by Ben Tibbits
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton 
Editor Ella West 
Art Director Harry Fitzgerald 
Production Director Ben Crank 
Producer Isabella Coleman 
Production Intern Lola Randall
Hair by Natalie Ruiz
Makeup by Dar Balthazar
Special thanks to The Set Miami