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Whitney Peak Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Winter 2022 Issue

“I had a few moments this season where I had a hard time keeping my personal emotions from bleeding into work. I’d be in the middle of a scene and have a random breakdown; a delayed reaction to something I’d been avoiding. It would all bubble up and catch up with me at the worst time. Then of course after being vulnerable at work in front of everyone, would come the terrible shame hangover and the voice in the back of my head screaming at me to grow up and get it together. Tale as old as time, but to answer your question,I have learned to allow myself to sit and feel through whatever it is I’m going through. It’s okay to say no sometimes, you know?” 

As Whitney Peak returns to school for season two of HBO Max’s Gossip Girland graces the cover of our Winter 2022/23 issue, the 19-year-old actor talks on filming the coveted series, her personal lessons learnt, a partnership with Chanel and her not-so-secret love for Viola Davis.

Whitney Peak wears Chanel

Photography by Amy Lidgett
Styling by Raz Martinez
Words by Andrew Wright
Editor Ella West
Makeup by Tyron Macchausenat The Wall Group using Chanel Demander La Lune and No.1 de Chanel
Hair by Naeemah LaFond 
Art Director Aparna Aji
Production Director Ben Crank
Producer Isabella Coleman 
Special thanks to The Peninsula New York
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