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Baby Yors unveils hilarious parody in brand new "CARA DE ULE" music video.

The artist tackles trauma with humour in his latest effort. 

In a brazenly funny twist on the extremes of plastic surgery, Baby Yors is serving camp with his latest song, "CARA DE ULE." Translating roughly to "Rubber Face, it's looking a little wack," the chorus of this infectious tune captures the essence of Yors' parody of cosmetic procedures taken to the extreme.

The inspiration for "CARA DE ULE" stems from a harrowing experience in Baby Yors' past. Nine years ago, a routine nose surgery turned nearly fatal when a forgetful plastic surgeon left a piece of cotton inside his nose. This mishap triggered a series of corrective procedures, providing the quirky genesis for the song's tongue-in-cheek (or nose?) narrative.

Directed by Baby Yors himself, the music video for "CARA DE ULE" is a star-studded affair, boasting appearances from notable internet personalities. Among them are Rylie Holden from The House of Avalon, Justin Jedlica, recognised as the world record holder for the most cosmetic surgeries on a man, and Mario Adrion, a close friend of Baby Yors and renowned German comedian and influencer.

The visual spectacle is further enhanced by the choreography of Abby Chung, with dancers Gabriella Bridgmon and Emily Jo Jordan adding their flair to the mix.

"CARA DE ULE" finds its place within Baby Yors' highly anticipated second album, AMERICANO, joining previously released singles like "Red River Maria," "Penelope," and "Nada Mas Americano." This upcoming album promises a vibrant fusion of English and Spanish tracks, reflecting Baby Yors' journey as an immigrant in the United States.

With "CARA DE ULE" leading the charge, Baby Yors invites listeners into a world where humour meets introspection, all set against a backdrop of irresistible beats and unapologetic energy. As he continues to captivate audiences with his audacious style, Baby Yors proves once again that music is not only a medium for entertainment but also a platform for personal expression and social commentary.

To watch the music video now, head below…

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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