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Jesse Jo Stark unveils “Skeleton” music video: a haunting tour diary.

Taking us on a digital tour of her white-knuckle journey so far, the artist continues to carve a lane of her own. 

Jesse Jo Stark has just released the music video for her latest single, "Skeleton," marking another captivating chapter in her burgeoning music career. Directed, filmed, and edited by Rayce Aaronson, the video is a moody, stripped-down visual journey through Stark's recent US tour supporting The Veronicas. This evocative compilation of tour footage captures the essence and tone of the track, offering fans an intimate glimpse into her life on the road.

The footage in "Skeleton" spans various cities and tour stops, reflecting the diverse energy and unique experiences of each performance. The song quickly became a highlight of her set, eliciting strong reactions from audiences night after night. This overwhelming response influenced Stark’s decision to release the single now, providing a perfect visual accompaniment to a track that has already resonated deeply with fans.

Fresh off a headlining international and domestic tour promoting her debut album, DOOMED –which she co-produced with Jesse Rutherford – Stark has been riding a wave of success. Her tour, which saw sold-out shows across Europe and the US, solidified her status as a formidable live performer with a dedicated and engaged fanbase.

Stark’s career has been booked and busy. She recently wrapped up her stint supporting The Veronicas on their 2024 US Gothic Summer Tour, which concluded on May 5th in LA. Additionally, she opened for Post Malone over New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas and has previously shared stages with music giants like Guns N’ Roses, Lizzo, Jane’s Addiction, Doja Cat, Franz Ferdinand, and Sunflower Bean. Her festival appearances include performances at Lollapalooza, Reading, and Leeds, showcasing her versatility and broad appeal.

Beyond music, Stark is deeply entrenched in fashion. As the daughter of the founders of Chrome Hearts, she serves as the Creative Director for the brand, designing custom items for high-profile artists such as Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, and Orville Peck. Her dual passions for design and music intertwine seamlessly, showcasing her as a multifaceted creative force.

With the release of the "Skeleton" music video, Jesse Jo Stark continues to build on her momentum—carving a lane all of her very own. As she prepares for future projects and performances, Stark's unique blend of music and fashion, coupled with her undeniable stage presence, ensures she will remain a significant figure in both industries. Jesse Jo Stark's blend of haunting melodies and striking visuals makes her a standout talent to watch in the years to come…you heard it here first. 

To see for yourself, head below…

Words by Ella West

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