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Carly Waddell proves she’s “My Kind of Woman” in new track and music video.

The Dallas-born-and-raised artist gears up for the release of her debut EP with brand new single. 

From The Bachelor to our boomboxes, Carly Waddell is back — more empowered than ever. Celebrating a new beginning within which she embraces her role of motherhood while simultaneously picking up the torch of her passions, Waddell has been putting pen to paper and vocal cords to a mic over the past two years in anticipation of her debut EP. Now releasing “My Kind Of Woman”, the Dallas-born and-raised artist gives us a taste of what is to come; leaving her listeners captivated by her groove in the process. 

Talking on the inspiration behind the track, Waddell explains, “‘My Kind of Woman’ was born out of a divorce. I wanted to get back into writing and singing and really didn't know what direction I wanted to take my music, but I knew I wanted it to be fun and woman strong. I've always loved Shania Twain and really wanted to make a woman empowerment track that could speak to women everywhere. ‘High heels, sweatpants, babies it don’t matter’ and I feel like that is exactly what we did.” 

Having travelled the world as a headliner for the cruise industry, then recruited to appear on the national dating series before entering the world of marriage, divorce and motherhood, Waddell is walking (or singing?) proof that every woman shares drastically different experiences from the next, yet what binds us all is our admiration for each other. After all, women do have more fun. 

To stream the music video now, head below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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