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quinnie unveils the deluxe version of her debut album as she prepares for tour.

The songwriter and indie artist introduces us to flounder (deluxe). 

Before you can catch quinnie on tour with the Japanese House later this year, you can find her – dreamy beats, velvety vocals and all – in the deluxe version of her debut album, flounder: an 11-track effort crammed with the artist’s heart-wrenching style of storytelling. From the sparkling harmonies of “man” to the ethereal percussion in “better”, quinnie’s voice remains commanding throughout; establishing the ultimate balance between soft and soulful, strong yet touchingly gentle. 

Speaking on the release of her latest work, the songwriter and indie artist explains, “Flounder (deluxe) paints a more well-rounded picture of what my life looked like throughout writing this album. These are songs that still equally represent the person that i was, but otherwise didn’t contribute to the overarching themes and palette of the album. These songs exist simply for enjoyment and i hope they can live up to that for you.”

Staying true to her craft and her audience, quinnie beckons in the latter half of the new year with a spirit of reinvention — allowing us all to indulge in the vast array of her audial universe with fresh ears, soaking up every last raw, open and honest word. 

To stream the entire album now, head below…  

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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