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ill peach coin their first love song, “BLOOM”.

The LA-based duo tease the release of their full-length debut with a brand new single and music video. 

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of traversing the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles, musical duo ill peach manage to pack enough summer sweetness into their euphoric new single, “BLOOM”—officially out now. Marking one of the first love narratives tackled by the pop outfit, “BLOOM” blends the dichotomy between the elation of falling in love with the harsh reality of the obstacles that follow. Sang softly over a mind-melting percussion, equally dichotomous in its contrast with a gritty baseline, Pat Morrissey and Jess Corazza successfully show that while love comes with conflict: nothing can beat it, however fleeting it proves to be. 

Speaking on the new single, the duo explain, “‘BLOOM’ might be our only love song. A bittersweet one. It’s about testing the boundaries of a long-distance relationship. How can you love and be with someone if you can’t see them? In the flux of everything that happened these past few years, we saw friends and longtime relationships break up like a ripple effect. But also surprisingly, the ones that had it the hardest around us found love in the ashes, a beginning to an ending. Love can and will navigate anything if you believe it. So ‘BLOOM’ is our anthem to fighting for love.”

Having always viewed their music as an outlet for the thoughts and feelings that prove too frank to speak out loud, ill peach paint their personal experiences with bright beats and experimental instrumentals that invite their listeners to face their feelings in a symbiotic harmony. To experience this live, the duo are confirmed to perform at this year’s London Calling Festival in Paradiso, NL, on October 27th and Pitchfork Festival London on November 10th—with many more announcements still to come. 

For now, you can stream the official music video for “BLOOM” below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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