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Arctic Lake take off our rose-tinted glasses in new track, “Fool”.

The duo tease the release of their upcoming EP, “How Do You Make It Look So Easy” with a brand new single. 

Summoning sombre stories told over sparkling beats, Arctic Lake further tease the release of their upcoming EP with a new poignant and cutting single, “Fool”. Encapsulating equal parts of love and pain, “Fool” fearlessly recounts the walls of thought that are provoked by an emotionally unstable relationship—something which vocalist Emma Foster has witnessed all too close to home. Blending raw lyricism with the mind-melting instrumentals of Paul Holliman, “Fool” aims to reflect the conflict of emotions which ensue from rose-tinted glasses—and the human condition’s failure to take them off in time. 

Lamenting a universally held habit of feeling unable to let go of love even when its hurting us, “Fool” is not only a simmering soundscape but also a cautionary tale that binds together those who feel lost, allowing space to feel those hard-to-face feelings. With the duo’s EP, “How Do You Make It Look So Easy”, due to arrive soon, “Fool” is just one exemplar of the freewheeling themes that Arctic Lake are set to take under their kaleidoscopic wing. 

Speaking further on the track, Foster explains, “One of my best friends was in a really volatile relationship; over the space of two years I watched her slowly disintegrate. She was worn down by it. I started writing the song about that – ‘Eating away at me/ Keep fraying at the edges’ - and then the chorus: ‘I’m a fool to let you break me / I’m a fool to let you change me.’ Then I wrote the pre-chorus about loving someone who has a side to them that scares you or makes you question your worth. I think it’s something a lot of us have experienced and that irrational excusing of the bad is something that is hard to see when you’re in it. So ‘Fool’ was born and I love it. Micah and Paul transformed it into a song that makes you want to move, it’s chaotic but there’s power and lightness. Now that my friend is on the other side of it and everyone I know is, it makes the whole thing a complete picture.” 

Paul Holliman adds, “‘Fool‘ came together really quickly at the end of a session—we’d tried three different ideas that day and nothing was working. It was 5:00 p.m. so, in my mind, we were calling it, but Emma wanted to try something else. I started playing the guitar part, Emma had the vocals in about 10 minutes and Micah put a donk on it! So credit to Emma for pushing through because I was very ready to head to the pub instead, and we would never have made this little tune that we ended up really liking.”

To stream the track now, head below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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