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Dog in a Man Suit relish the comfort of solitude in their new post-punk track, “Weirdos”.

The band declare “it’s nicer when no one’s around” in their new single, accompanied by a captivating music video.

Ushering us into their gritty, punk-tinged soundscape, Dog in a Man Suit treat fans with their latest offering, “Weirdos”. With an off-kilter melody backed by teeth-gnashing guitar intervals and feisty drum solos, “Weirdos” delves into the inner contemplation of an outcast — one who wishes to protect themselves from the unpredictability of love and the pain of losing friendships.

Singing, “it’s nicer when no one’s around”, Dog in a Man Suit perfectly encapsulate the unspoken taboos of modern-day society, where independence is often viewed as unsociableness and appearance is prioritised over raw feeling. Mimicking the sentiments of the track, the music video for “Weirdos” shows the three-piece outfit seemingly unacknowledged by one another — each fully immersed within their tunes yet simultaneously distanced from the world around them, depicting how much their music bears a sense of unity, even when no one else is around. 

Much of these themes are explored within Dog in a Man Suit’s EP, “Trapped!”: an ode to their personal reckonings with adulthood. Speaking on their sound, band member Billie explains, “No matter what’s happening for me, I want the people I love to know that I love them. Maybe that comes with age?”

Scroll below to stream the music video for “Weirdos” now… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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