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J. Graves invites listeners into their Fortress of Fun, allowing them to choose their own adventures as they stream the album’s seven tracks.

The Portland indie post-punk trio release a series of music videos for their dark and fiery album.

At the beginning of the pandemic, artists, fans and creatives alike were all struck with one common dilemma: how can you create without anyone there to bear witness? It was within this struggle that J. Graves birthed Fortress of Fun — a mind-floating effort that totally disrupted the natural course of music creation. Adopting a “choose-your-own-adventure” approach to their album's music videos, J. Graves sought to engage their listeners without the need for live concerts or performances, instead placing themselves and their content right within their fans’ fingertips. 

When viewing the music videos for the seven tracks of the album, viewers are given the opportunity to navigate and personalise their experience by visiting the band’s website at — creating a relationship between musician and listener that has never been seen before. 

Yet despite the album’s title and the nature of its execution, Fortress of Fun is by no means a sunny effort all-round. Packed with painstaking honesty and raw grit, the tracks of the album drip with an intensity that shakes at your soul — a juxtaposition that goes to great lengths to demonstrate the indie trio’s stratospheric range. From the nail-biting cynicism of “Valentine” to the uptempo and totally disorientating flow of “Mad”, bandleader Jessa Graves leaves nothing held back and she unleashes her fury and endless capabilities into each and every bar. 

To stream the music videos for Fortress of Fun now, head below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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