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Offering a glimmer of light amid the darkness, STARRY EYES have their listeners looking “Over Oceans”.

The Californian grunge-pop band unveil the latest track plucked from their upcoming EP. 

Almost two years in the making, the psychedelic four-piece STARRY EYES offers a snippet of their highly-anticipated EP, “Ciao Bella”, with the release of “Over Oceans”: a breezy, transcendent effort that encapsulates the band’s flair for marrying sombre narratives with soaring symphonies. 

Lamenting the inevitability of the low times, STARRY EYES weave optimistic musings into a melody complete with signatory guitar strings and gritty riffs. Offering a warm perspective of the dark, “Over Oceans” encourages its listeners to look above their eye line to something greater — something akin to STARRY EYES themselves, who repeatedly offer respite to those suffering in isolation and/or tragedy. 

Talking further on the upcoming release of their debut project, Kyle explains, “As the title of the EP suggests, ‘Ciao Bella’ is a sombre goodbye to the beautiful things in our lives that have passed, and a jubilant hello to the beautiful things to come.” Further, John adds, “These songs are for people who’ve been through some shit — music is our catharsis. Many of the songs on ‘Ciao Bella’ wrestle with the issues of addiction and loss, but we always try to balance the negative with the positive and keep looking toward the future.”

So while we look towards the future for the grand unveiling, we can feast our eyes on the band a little early by streaming the official music video for “Over Oceans” below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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