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Jenna Lotti unveils her “most special piece of work” so far… “Boys”.

The indie-pop singer-songwriter reflects on the importance of self-expression in her brand new single. 

Having put pen to paper to make sense of the outside world since her early teenage years, Jenna Lotti is no stranger to weaving pain-staking topics into a body of art that is not only comforting, but healing. Approaching her own work with a candid self-reflection, Lotti leaves no experience off limits to throw herself closer to her fandom — uniting all with her melodic vocals and symphonic soundscapes. 

The singer-songwriter’s latest release, “Boys”, proves no different. Beckoning a percussion that is as poignant as it is triumphant, Lotti seamlessly delivers a raw narrative on the domino effect of suppressing emotions. Focusing – as hinted by its namesake – on familial male figures, “Boys” faces two vices: mental health and addiction, blending them into a cautionary tale that points towards a clearer and more hopeful future. 

Speaking on the single, Lotti explains, “‘Boys’ is inspired by someone close to me who is struggling with addiction. It is also about the stigma that men need to be ‘tough’ and not express their emotions. Often, this kind of pressure is passed down through family and continues for generations. Many men keep their emotions & trauma inside and instead use drugs or alcohol to cope. I hate that men's mental health & mental health in general has such a stigma around it. This song is so important to me and I feel like it's the most special piece of work I've ever put out over the last 10 years.” 

To stream the single now, head below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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